The Aquaenergia Ltd. has exclusive rights to utilize patents registered by inventor Gábor Fontányi:

Aquaenergia Ltd. is a committed believer in all kinds and types of renewable energy. Within that it primarily deals with distribution, installation and operation of energy sources based on self-developed inventions and patents, and on others in its management for sole utilization. It is important to note that a hydropower plant investment is essentially more advantageous than investments relating to wind power plants, biogas power plants, geo-thermal power plants, biomass power plants, refuse power plants, straw-fired power plants, mixed firing power plants and gas-fired power plants. Its payout period is shorter, it operates around-the-clock, it does not affect the landscape, it does not emit carbon dioxide, and it has no waste, nor any maintenance, operating or transportation costs. By means of marketing the carbon dioxide quota it is possible to further decrease the investment cost. Within the programme offered by Aquaenergia Ltd. it is possible to integrate an opportunity for solving three serious problems of our age and region (relating to energy, environment and workplace).