A medium-size land with an approximate area of 40 hectares, cultivated with chemicals and growing produce for sale, is capable of maintaining a family. In the case of quality fruit and grape production, a land area of approximately 5 hectares is capable of maintaining one family and two assistant workers annually. In the greenhouse horticultural cultivation system, a land area of 1 hectare together with marketing and processing activity is capable of maintaining 10 families. The area 
of modern greenhouses is minimal compared to the area of arable soil. Greenhouse production is expensive because electricity and water are expensive. Cost-free water and electricity would be a solution. 
This solution means that electricity, water and heat, depending on the investment cost of construction, can be ensured virtually in unlimited quantities for production, by means of installing the following equipment functionally integrated in the patented way.

Electricity is continuously provided by the Mobile Small Hydropower Plant which transmits it to the compressor of the heat pump installed in the greenhouse established next to the bank of 
a river. This transmitted electricity

is converted by the heat pump into threefold-fourfold thermal power in 
a proportion corresponding to its coop, and, if necessary, it is also capable of executing a cooling function. Electricity produced by the Mobile Small Hydropower Plant serves for supplying electric light sources needed in greenhouses, 
as well as for lighting buildings. 
The water storage reservoir is practically constructed so that it is capable of separately storing irrigation water, sanitary hot water and drinking water. Filtered water 
is carried via pipeline from the well by the bank to the water storage reservoir.

The programme and the procedure patent are under protection.

The programme plan has been specified by the Home Office as Government Programme “Garden Hungary