Preliminary presentation of blade wheel mounted onto vessel body, equipped with generators.
The second, already final, prototype of the Mobile Small Hydropower Plant was completed within the framework of the research-development support taken in 2011.
In addition, the generator to be manufactured for the power plant is self-developed.
Rotation of blade wheel: 12 rev. / min

  • Dimensions of structure: 8,3m x 12m x 4,8m
  • Diameter and length of blade wheel: 4,3m x 6m
  • Weight of structure: ~10 tonnes
  • Expected power: 10kW (in case of water speed of 10km/h)

Side view

  • Primary drive: annular gear corresponding to a chain of 2” i = 1/6
  • Secondary drive: double-lined chain with a pitch of 19 mm i = 1/1
  • Rotation of generator: 72 rev./min

Advantages with respect to installation:

  • Mountable on site
  • Mobile
  • Does not affect the environment
  • An established grid is not a precondition

Advantages with respect to usage and utilization:

  • Operates without human resource
  • Minimal maintenance demand
  • Optionally expandable
  • Produces around-the-clock
  • Connectable to grid
  • Surplus electricity can be sold
  • No current loss
  • No transformation fee

Advantages with respect to financing:

  • Low investment cost
  • On-site utilization
  • Quick return